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The internet is full of used Dust Collectors for sale. Which one do I need? Here at JusDust we work one on one with you to match you with a dust collector that meets your specific dust collection needs. Each manufacturing process is unique. In a brief phone call, we can identify that unique need and help you find the dust collection setup that works best for you.

How many types of dust are there?

There are numerous types of dust produced in manufacturing processes. Dust can be as light as pollen or as heavy as lead. The nature of the dust has a direct impact on the filters and their cleanability. Speaking of filters, there are a variety of filter types. The ideal filter is dependent on the nature of the type of dust being collected. Certain dust can be explosive, it can be sticky, it can adhere to the inside of certain collectors making it very hard to clean. What we do, is take these factors into consideration when assisting in the selection of a dust collector. You can find more information on filter media by visiting our sister site JusFilters.

Another consideration is the sheer volume of dust being collected. Is it a light operation or a high volume operation?  In a heavy loading operation we may suggest a cyclone after filter to help remove the heavier material from the system as to not overload the whole system. Fine, dry dust is well suited to cartridge systems. Fibrous dust is typically a baghouse application. Volatile dust is often times better suited to a wet collection system.

Armed with the basic knowledge of your process and the materials being collected, we will narrow your search to the correct type of collector, CFM, Air-to-Cloth ratio, unloading system, etc.

It all starts with a phone call. See what we can do to help today.