Cartridge dust collectors are useful for a wide range of dust/smoke including: smoke, fumes, and dry, fine dust particles that won’t wedge into the filter pleat and block air flow.

Cartridge style dust collector are used primarily in the following applications: pharmaceutical dust, powder coating dust, agricultural dust, welding fumes and smoke, metal working dust, grinding dust, shot blast, paint pigment dust, fiberglass dust, rubber dust, thermal spray coating process smoke and dust, and bulk powder dust, just to name a few.

Cartridge dust collectors are not recommended for applications that include: large particles (larger particles, such as sawdust and walnut shells, are often jagged and wedge in the pleats of the cartridge, blocking air flow and possibly damaging the cartridges), dust that is high in moisture content (moist particles are hard to remove from cartridge pleating), and dust collection in high temperatures.

One advantage to cartridge dust collectors is there is typically 256 square feet of media per cartridge versus 12-14 square feet of media per bag, which helps to save on space. The cartridges are also easier to remove when compared to a baghouse dust collector. Cartridges are removed from the outside of the unit vs bags which have to be removed from the inside of the unit.

Cartridge filters are cleaned by utilizing compressed air through venturi which sends a ripple through the filter and knocks the excess dust off of the filter. The pulse cleaning mechanism, utilizing a solenoid valve in combination with a timer board and magnehelic or photohelic gauge, allows the user to monitor and adjust cleaning cycles to maximum efficiency. For in depth information on timer controls click Here.

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