Baghouse dust collectors are useful for a wide range of dust particles including: large particles, and a high volume of particles, especially of a nature that might adhere to the pleats of a cartridge style system. Very good for high abrasion at a high temperature. They can be fitted with numerous types of media depending on the nature of the dust, i.e. Nomex for high temperature, Eggshell finish and Singed polyester.

Baghouse style dust collectors are used in the following applications: building material dust (such as drywall dust, tile dust), grinding, welding, sanding, food processing, pharmaceutical, and rubber dust.

Baghouse dust collectors are not recommended for applications that include: dust that is high in moisture content (‘sticky’ particles will easily attach to the filter bags and may be difficult to remove in the filter cleaning process), fumes, and smoke.

The filter bags are cleaned using: reverse air flow, pulses of air, or a shaking mechanism within the unit.

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