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The dust collector that is no longer adequate may be a perfect fit for an up and coming business. When you buy a replacement dust collector, what do you do with the old one? If the unit is still in good working order but is simply just not right for your situation any longer, JusDust would like to help you sell it. We work with both buyers and sellers to help find a mutually beneficial situation. We have many used dust collectors for sale.

We find dust collectors, identify what make and model it is, create a spec sheet for it with all the information about the unit, list it on our website, promote it, find a buyer for it, and handle the logistics of moving it to its new home. We work one on one with both the buyer and the seller of the unit.

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not purchase dust collectors at auction. We prefer to work with end users and dust collection professionals so that we have better insight on the piece of equipment’s history. For over 15 years this business model has been of great benefit to both the seller and the perspective buyer, be it an end user or machinery manufacturer/reseller.

The value of a used dust collector is primarily based on adaptability and condition. If condition is an issue, we partner with several dust collection remanufacturers that may purchase the equipment outright for cash. If time is not an issue, the preferred method would be to market the system from its existing location. This eliminates extra transportation and storage costs. In all cases, the seller of the system is paid in full prior to any dismantling and truck loading.

We would like every opportunity to discuss what you have. Please take several photos and collect model information and contact us so that we can discuss how best we can help you. We have many used dust collectors for sale. 

Thank you in advance for considering

Tim Barnes