ACT Cartridge Dust Collectors

A.C.T. Dust Collectors of Plymouth, MN has been in the dust collection business for over 25 years, first servicing primarily the hospitality  industry with “smoke-eaters”.

As the laws changed, they moved into manufacturing their own line of cartridge style dust collectors to meet the needs of their local customers.  Over the years, they also  offered used dust collectors that in most cases, were re-conditioned, most included warranties. Today, the new ACT dust collectors are the core of their business. Offered in a range from 1,000 – 100,000 CFM, they are rugged, well built systems with design features that make maintenance a “breeze”.  Offering a full host of confiqurations and options, the collectors can be configured to suit virtually any specific requirement.  ACT dust collectors can be found in industries with applications including but not limited to welding smoke, grinding, cutting tables, sandblasting, sanding, thermal spray, bulk powders, powder coating to name a few.  

The collectors are configured  as Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, and  Series 5 depending on footprint and height resrtictions. Also, by having multiple configurations, exact air-to-cloth ratios can be met.  Having full custom capability, requirements beyond standard configurations can be met also.  Several of the most popular configurations are kept  “In  Stock” for rush orders.  

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