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There are two main types of dust collection fans commonly in use today: 

  • Centrifugal Fans 
  • Axial-flow fans 
Centrifugal Dust Collection Fans 

Centrifugal fans consist of a wheel or a rotor mounted on a shaft that rotates in a scroll-shaped housing. Air enters at the eye of the rotor, makes a right-angle turn, and is forced through the blades of the rotor by centrifugal force into the scroll-shaped housing. The centrifugal force imparts static pressure to the air. The diverging shape of the scroll also converts a portion of the velocity pressure into static pressure. 

Axial-Flow Dust Collection Fans 

Axial-flow fans are used in systems that have low resistance levels. These fans move the air parallel to the fan’s axis of rotation. The screw-like action of the propellers moves the air in a straight-through parallel path, causing a helical flow pattern. 


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