AirWall New 40LD (4,000 CFM) Dust Collection Ventilation System (ECB Module)

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The AirWall® is a self contained cartridge filter unit with a small footprint that does not require ductwork and operates with lower horsepower fans than traditional models. The AirWall® unit automatically cleans the cartridge filters utilizing compressed air. It comes in various standard sizes or can be built to your specifications.

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AirWall New 40LD Dust Collection Ventilation System (ECB Module)


  • 4,000 CFM @ 1.9:1 Air-To-Cloth Ratio from (9) Cellulose Cartridge Filters
  • Total Media 2,160 Sq.Ft.
  • Automatic Reverse Pulse Filter Cleaning System from shop compressed air
  • Structural Steel Frame with 18 Ga. Galvanized Sheet Metal Skin
  • 3Hp TEFC UL/CSA Approved Motor/Blower unit
  •  45″ Width, 45″ Depth, 60″ Height  1,100 Lbs.
  • Starter, Dwyer® Pulse Timer & Gage included
  • Removes 99.9% of Airborne Contaminants