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A common question we get here at JusDust is whether a client should add a second dust collector to their operation or upgrade to a larger unit. Clients face this question when they add more equipment and realize they are operating at or beyond their current dust collection capacity. To properly answer this inquiry, we must know a few pieces of information about the clients current situation. What issues are you facing? Are you reaching an undesirable Air-to-Cloth ratio? Is there a decrease in air velocity? Are your filters becoming clogged or filling up much faster than previously? Is the plant laid out in a way that adding a dust collector to your largest CFM machinery is feasible? Is your long-term plan to continue growing?

When adding new machinery, you are also adding more ductwork to the existing setup. This can cause a slowing of the air velocity. This is due to there being a larger distance for the air to travel. When the air velocity drops, dust can begin to settle in the ductwork instead of making it to it’s destination (your collector) and cause numerous problems. One solution is to look at your blower/fan horsepower. If you are still below your acceptable Air-to-Cloth ratio, you could consider adding a second blower/fan to increase your air velocity.

With new machinery comes a higher amount of dust to be collected. This can cause filters to fill faster or begin to clog. At this point you begin to consider whether to add a second dust collector, or just upgrade to a larger collection unit.

When should you add a second dust collector?

Adding a second collector, such as a cyclone collector, can be useful to filter out the larger dust particles before it reaches your current dust collector. This will help lower the amount of dust reaching your current filters, as well as help prevent larger particles from clogging your current filters. This is useful when a smaller machine is being added to the current layout. It’s important to look at each piece of machinery as well. If you have one piece of machinery that is pulling the majority of your CFM, adding a dust collector to that machine can be beneficial. The downside to adding another collector is that it adds another collector which needs to be emptied.

When should you replace your current dust collector?

When adding a much larger machine, with a much larger dust output, it is time to consider replacing your current collector with a larger one. If your long-term goal is to continue expanding your plant, replacement is a good option. If you plan to continue growing and adding more machinery, upgrading to a much higher CFM will prevent revisiting this issue every time a new machine is added.