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It’s important to have the right dust collector for your specific process. If you are working with wood and producing sawdust, you want to be using a collector that works best in these situations. We have many used dust collectors for wood working listed, and list more each day.

There are many benefits to choosing a used dust collector. Price is one such benefit. The cost for new stationary dust collectors can be as high as $8 per CFM, where as used dust collectors for wood work tend to hover around $2 per CFM. Regardless on whether it is the $8/CFM or the $2/CFM, there is no payback on that machine.

Another benefit lies within it’s lifespan and maintenance. The average lifespan of well maintained used dust collectors for wood work can be as high as 40 years. Maintenance of the dust collector is considerably less than that of any other woodworking machine. Having the right size dust collector, or having slightly more than what is necessary, helps to maintain the efficiency of all of the machines connected to it. There is also a labor savings by not having to empty several portable devices. Having a larger unit also keeps the work environment clean. By using a larger unit, you lessen the risk of dust particles not being collected.

By making a list of all of the machines that will be connected to your collector along with the port sizes on each machine, then making a phone call, we can help determine your dust collection needs. We use this information to help determine the appropriate CFM, air-to-cloth ratio, static pressure, etc., that you need. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, its worth a phone call. in many cases dust collectors come and go, some before they’re even listed. We’re here to help.