If your company utilizes pneumatic conveying and air filtration systems in the manufacturing process, you are at risk for the hazards resulting from dust fires and explosions.  The industries at highest risk  employ drying, cutting, grinding, sanding and other abrasive processes where sparks and even fires are generated.

The normal operation of many production machines can easily produce a spark.  It is then picked up by the pneumatic system and transported along with highly combustible wood chips, dust or other finely divided particles.  If that spark reaches the collector or storage bin, an explosion or fire is almost a certainty.

Here’s How It Works

As a spark travels through the duct work of your collection system, it is instantly identified by the Flamex infrared detectors flush mounted to the blow pipe. The system initiates water-flow through strategically placed nozzles to establish an instantaneous wall of water inside the duct, effectively extinguishing sht sparks or embers. The system automatically resets itself with no down time or messy clean-up.

Each Flamex system is carefully constructed of the finest and most durable materials available.  Additionally, we provide alternative detectors and extinguishing agents when necessary to tailor your system to meet the specific needs of the working environment.

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