Aercology MDV6000 Used Mist Dust Collector

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Used Dust Collector – Aercology MDV6000 Mist Collector

The Aercology MDV Mist Collectors use an impinger system and a 99% glass fiber media filter to clean high volumes of smoke and dirty mist. Utilizing (3) filter stages to trap contaminates. First stage filter pre-filters for mist, Second stage filter, a 1″ thick aluminum mesh traps larger particles. Third, a glass fiber filter captures 99% of the remaining fine contaminates and mist. Collector is rated at 6,000 CFM driven by a 5HP Motor/Blower and includes a differential pressure gauge to monitor filter life. System is cleaned and checked. Used filters included in the unit.

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Aercology MDV6000 Used Mist Dust Collector

  • Model # MDV6000
  • Modular Cabinet
  • Rated for 6,000 CFM
  • 5 HP 3 Phase Motor/Blower
  • Set of (3) Used Filters
  • Cleaned and Checked