SOLD! Dust-Hog/UAS FJH80-4 (40,000 CFM) Cartridge Used Dust Collector

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UAS Dust Hog Used Dust Collector Cartridge Style

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40,000 CFM @ 2.2:1 Air-To-Cloth Ratio 18,080 Sq. Ft. Cloth Area from (80) Cartridges Automatic Pulse Clean System with Supra-I.Q. Controller, Pressure Switch and Sequencing Timer Board Abrasion Resistant Inlets DownFlow Design (5) Hopper Outlets with Slide Gate/Drum Cover Discharge Steel Support Structure (2) 50 HP Chicago Blowers – Capable of 40,000 CFM Connecting ductwork to blowers * New AirMax premium media filters available FOB: OH