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Used Dust Collectors

Why buy a used dust collector? The short answer, VALUE! All used dust collectors featured at are in full working order, and can SAVE YOU $$$ over the cost of a new dust collector!

We have buyers looking for your Used Dust Collector!

There is no better place to sell your surplus dust collection system than through a highly visible site dedicated to industrial dust collection.

With over 800 unique visitors per month that are shopping for used dust collectors, JusDust offers the best presentation on the web for your system. We don’t stop at just displaying your system on the site! We advertise, e-market and work closely with over 70 dust collector professionals that check the site regularly for systems their local customers are needing.

When potential customers call in to JusDust, they have a “live”, knowledgeable person to discuss their application and “fit”. We go to great lengths to help our customers find the right system, in the right location and arrange dismantling, trucking and set-up. Our goal is to help you re-sell your system. We are not about seeing just how many collectors we can put on the web site. We are aware that you have many options for selling your system, Auction being the least desirable. We monitor the “fair market” value of systems closely. Striking a balance between getting you all that we can and keeping it affordable for the buyer Is the tight-rope we walk daily.

Regardless of whether your system is new or really old, the quality of the information you provide, clean photos and prices that are in line with the current market determines the length of time it will take to sell your system. Contact Tim Barnes (231)894-0333 if you are considering selling. We will need the following information, please supply all that is available;

  • Make
  • Model
  • Fan Plate Information
  • Horsepower
  • Electrical configuration
  • Discharge Type
  • Photos (at least five, include the control panel)

Please include any additional Information pertinent to your dust collector.

We look forward to assisting you!

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